A short comparison between laminating croissant dough for making croissants by hand and by using a dough sheeter machine

Laminating Croissant Dough by Hand


  • More control over the dough thickness and consistency
  • Can be more therapeutic and satisfying
  • No additional equipment needed


  • More time-consuming and labor-intensive
  • Requires more skill and experience to achieve consistent results
  • Can be physically tiring, especially for large batches

Using a Dough Sheeter Machine

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  • Faster and more efficient, especially for large batches
  • Produces more consistent results in terms of dough thickness and evenness
  • Less physically demanding


  • Less control over the dough, as the machine dictates the thickness
  • Requires additional equipment and space
  • May not be as satisfying as hand-sheeting for some bakers

Additional Considerations:

  • The type of croissant being made may influence the preferred method. For instance, hand-sheeting might be better suited for artisanal croissants with a rustic appearance, while a dough sheeter might be preferred for uniform, commercially produced croissants.
  • Personal preference and skill level play a significant role in the choice between hand-sheeting and using a dough sheeter. Experienced bakers may enjoy the control and satisfaction of hand-sheeting, while novice bakers or those producing large quantities may find a dough sheeter more efficient and consistent.

Overall, both methods have their merits and can produce excellent croissants. However the manual laminating requires a high level of proffessional skills in order to produces same quality dough as the machined one. The choice ultimately depends on the baker’s preferences, skill level, and production needs.

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